After the Operation

If you had an oral surgery such as a wisdom teeth operation or dental implants, the points to consider for recovering quickly without having any problems are explained below:

You may feel pain on the first day of the operation. For this reason, you can use painkillers before the effect of anesthesia in the operation area is lost, according to your dentist’s advice. However, aspirin should never be used since it will increase the risk of bleeding.

In order to prevent the possible swelling after the operation, apply ice (cold) to the operational area externally for the first 8 hours.

Within the first 24 hours after the operation, avoid strong gargling and spitting. Otherwise, you may restart the finished bleeding by throwing out the blood clot. If the bleeding continues although you take the above measures, cushion the operational area internally with a clean and firm piece of cloth. Keep the cushion firm and steady at least for half an hour without moving. In case the bleeding continues, please call your dentist.

Please do not eat anything for the first two hours after the operation. In order to ensure bleeding control and healthy recovery of the wound, please do not smoke and do not consume alcohol. Avoid consuming very hot and very cold food and drinks. Besides, avoid taking too hot bathes on  your face for the first couple of days.

The body needs enough calories and nutrition to resist the adverse effects and ensure the quick recovery of the operational area. For this reason, pay attention to your diet. Take soft and juicy food on the first day.

Do not eat hard food with the operational area and avoid contacting the brush for the first 24 hours. You can clean that area as if you are massaging during the first day. After that, you can brush your teeth without pressing too hard and you can keep brushing the other areas right after the operation.

The stitches have to be removed within 7-10 days after the operation. In order to avoid undoing of the stitches, do not lift your lip and cheek to look at them, do not move your tongue to there, and do not touch the stitches. In case they unstitching during the first day, please call your dentist.

Please take your medication prescribed by your dentist after the operation, in the manner and order  advised. In case of any problems or any unexpected effects of the medication, please call your dentist.

Do not forget that the operation is not something that limit your daily activities. However, avoid heavy domestic works, tiring jobs, and hard physical training during the operation day and following morning.