While Coming for the Appointment…

Thank you for choosing our clinic.

Reading the below carefully before you visit our clinic for your first appointment will make it more effective.

İlk Randevunuzda Bilmek İstediklerimiz:

When and why did you consult a dentist last?  Please bring your radiography taken in that examination, if there is any.

You must notify us if you have any systemic diseases (such as heart, tension, goiter, diabetes), or drugs that you take continuously (like aspirin).

Please bring the names and phone numbers of your doctors dealing with these diseases.

Inform us if you have any special conditions such as being pregnant.

In case you have toothache:

  1. a) When it began and how long did it last?
  2. b) Which external factors (hot, cold, sweet, pressure) cause the ache to reoccur?
  3. c) Did you have any swelling on your face?
  4. d) Have you taken any medication? Are you still taking them? Please write down their names and inform us.

What are your expectations from us? If you have special requests in terms of aesthetics, please write them down on a piece of paper and let us know.

Our clinic is a private one and its name is Kadıköy Dayıoğlu Private Dental Clinic. We have no relation with “Kadıköy Mouth and Dental Health Center”, which is a state clinic.

Unfortunately, the Social Security Institutions (SGK with its Turkish acronym) or SSK (social insurance institution), Bağ-Kur ) (insuranced self-employed institution) and Emekli Sandığı (retirement fund) with their former Turkish names have no contracts on dental care with private institutions yet. This is valid for all of the private institutions. Social Security Institutions, (SGK with its Turkish acronym) or “SSK (Social Insurance Institution), Bağ-Kur and Emekli Sandığı (Retirement Fund)” with their former Turkish names, are making contracts with private hospital and clinics for eye diseases, internal diseases, and orthopedics etc. but not in dental care of  any private institution. This includes all of the dental clinics and dental care branches of all private hospitals.

Appointment Information:

We know that everyone’s time is valuable. This is why we serve with reservations. Coming for your appointment 5-10 minutes prior to specific time will help us to have no failure in that day’s schedule.  In case you are late for the appointment, a shorter treatment will be preferred during the time that was spared for you. In case the remaining time is not enough to finish any kind of treatment, you will be given a new appointment for some other day.  Please inform us at least 24 hours prior to the appointment that you would not be joining.

Office Hours

Our clinic serves between 09.00 and 19.00 on weekdays, and 09.00-16.00 on Saturday.

Periodical Checks

We share the same desire with you to reduce the comprehensive dental treatments and tooth losses. This is only possible by regular checks, through which the problems can be detected without getting worse. After our treatment finishes, you will be reminded of your follow-up appointments with intervals of 6 months. In these examinations, the completed treatment will be checked, and it will be determined if you have any problems with the other teeth. We aim to perform the dental treatments on time and nicely. We are always ready to listen to your recommendations to be able to serve you better.

Our Little Guests

The approval of the treatment by the parents for children is important for us. Except for the interviews, we prefer the parents to take their time in the waiting lounge during the children’s treatment, in order to increase compliance of the kid with the treatment. The morning hours are more convenient for little kids’ dental treatments.