The pain occurring in the teeth usually comes out as follows:

Pain That Occurs During or After Eating:

The individuals complain of severe pain in their teeth while or approximately within half an hour after eating. Foods get inside the cavity while eating. The bacteria feeds with these food residues and produces acid. The acid influences the dental nerve and causes the pain. In such a case, the right thing to do is to clean the tooth with the help of a toothbrush or dental floss. Once the food residues are removed from the tooth, the pain disappears shortly afterward. However, one should see a dentist without waiting for the pain to reoccur, and the necessary dental treatment shall be applied.

Unrelieved Toothaches:

This kind of toothache usually occurs at nights and lasts for a long time. The tooth is sensitive to touch, and there is pain and swelling around the tooth and cheek. Such a case occurs when the decay progresses and kills the dental nerve, and the tooth gets infected. It is not easy to relieve such a toothache.  The most convenient thing to do is removing the food residues on the tooth initially. Consulting to a dentist and taking a convenient painkiller will remove the pain. However, it is necessary to see a dentist in the shortest time. Should you have no chance to reach a dentist, it could be useful to start taking antibiotics and take control of the infection in your tooth, upon the advice of a physician. Just as in the majority of the acute infections, the toothache relieves after few days. However, it should not be forgotten that the infection will repeat as long as the tooth is not treated.


Injuries may occur in the face, chin, and teeth as a result of physical traumas. In such a case, the patient has to be taken to a dentist as soon as possible. The tooth injuries are mostly seen in children, athletes and people who have traffic accidents. For the athletes, special protective equipment can be used, and the risk of tooth injuries can be reduced to minimum. As a result of the traumas, broken and cracked jawbones are mostly seen, or the tooth is displaced. In case of a break in the tooth, the broken tooth piece has to be found and protected if possible, and the patient shall see a dentist as soon as possible. The most critical case that may occur as a result of trauma is that a tooth is totally displaced from the bone slot. Except this one, the dentist responds to the case. However, if the tooth is displaced from the slot, the time and manner of reaching the tooth to the dentist before the emergency treatment, become as important as the respond of the dentist. The tooth has to be gripped from the crown, it should be avoided to hold the root, which may cause the tissues to get harmed. In case these tissues are damaged a lot, it would be impossible for the tooth to grip its slot again. The tooth is washed under the running water by gripping it from the crown, and the foreign matters are removed this way. While cleaning the tooth, absolutely no rubbing or brushing shall be applied. The tooth has to be kept in normal saline or milk, if these are not available,  or it should be kept inside the cheek or under the tongue of the patient and taken to the dentist in the shortest time. If the tooth can be taken to the dentist within 30 minutes, the chance of saving it by putting back to its slot is very high.