Laminate-Leaflet Teeth

Laminate Teeth

It is is a porcelain process, in which not the whole but only the frontal side of the tooth is coated. Laminate veneer is applied in cases of color differences, deformities, and crowding; besides fractures, large fillings, and gaps in the frontal teeth.


The thin, porcelain leaflets that are stuck to the frontal sides of the teeth which contacts the lip and cheek are called laminate teeth. Besides being applied without cutting the teeth in general, they can also be done by a roughening process on the teeth. Since the laminate teeth are very thin and do not contain metals, they make it possible for the light to transmite, thus they look similar to natural teeth.


With the help of the teeth measurements obtained from the patients, the teeth models are prepared. On these models, the samples of the porcelain veneers are put and shown to the patient. Thus, the patient learns what kind of a result she/he could get without having any operation.


Porcelain Laminate Veneers can be applied to patients;

Whose frontal teeth are broken,

Whose teeth’s frontal sides are eroded for any reason,

Who are not happy with the color of their teeth,

Who have crowding but not willing to have orthodontics treatment,

Who have discoloration in their frontal teeth due to large fillings,

Who have gaps between their teeth,

Whose upper teeth are not seen while smiling.