In recent years, our country has been serving modern and aesthetic dentistry applications to the patients coming from mainly The Netherlands, Germany, and The United Kingdom.

The high costs of dental treatment in the European countries make the citizens of these countries prefer Istanbul for treatment.

As a result of the quick development of the medical sector, a tourist coming to Istanbul observes that the total cost of accommodation, travel, and treatment is lower than the cost of solely dental treatment in any European country. Besides, a one-week holiday in Istanbul which has been the cradle of civilizations is another advantage.

The quality of medical service, the time of dealing with a patient and the care that is given are extremely higher according to the European countries. Besides, new technologies are quite effective since medical investments are new in our country. Our guests from foreign countries mostly come for dental implants, zirconium, and porcelain crown dental bridge treatments. In our lives, where a healthy and aesthetic smile is very important, tooth bleaching and smile designing are the other applications mostly preferred by the patients. The developments in the porcelain tooth treatment make it easy to have teeth that are healthy, aesthetic, color-keeping, and indistinguishable from the originals painlessly. Thanks to hardened materials called zirconium, which had replaced the metals that were being inserted to the porcelain teeth in the past, totally natural-looking teeth that have luminous transmittance can be prepared. One other advantage of the non-metal backed porcelain teeth is that the patient can quickly comply with them once they are placed in mouth since they are so light. Aesthetic applications such as dental implants, porcelain crown-dental bridge treatments, and tooth bleaching can be done only in a week.

Besides the foreign guests who visit Istanbul for medical tourism, our guest worker citizens coming to Turkey for holiday also prefer our dental clinics, especially during summer.