Old Dental Fillings


Dental filling is a treatment method that is applied to restore the initial function and appearance to the teeth, which had been damaged due to decays. While conducting fillings, the dentist removes the decayed tooth tissue initially. Then he cleans the area which was affected by the decay and fills the cavity that appears after the cleaning with filling material.

Amalgam Dental Fillings: Amalgam dental fillings are described as silver or black dental fillings.


Composite Dental Fillings: Composite dental filling is a type of dental filling which is made in the tooth color to treat tooth decays, tooth cracks, and discolored tooth.


There could be abrasions and damages in the fillings due to reasons such as lack of dental care, grinding, and chewing. Amalgam or composite dental fillings may wear off. Getting your dental care checked by your dentist periodically and tracking your dental fillings is quite important for your fillings.

The average life expectancy of the crown, dental bridges, or amalgam fillings (black color) is about 5-20 years, white the composite fillings (white color) can last 3-10 years. As a result of the chewing and grinding, abrasion occurs on the surfaces and restorations of teeth. The abrasions that occur on the natural surfaces of the teeth are treated with calcium and fluorine ions within the body of saliva. Tooth restorations do not have such a chance. For this reason, you need to show the condition of your old dental restorations and fillings to your dentist, even if you have no pain.