Zirconium Dental Porcelains

People who are not satisfied with the appearance of their teeth and their smile can have the natural teeth and smile they want with zirconium dental porcelain made with CAD-CAM systems. Zirconium, which has been used successfully in other branches of medicine, has been introduced into dentistry since the 2000s.


Advantages of Groundbreaking Zirconium Teeth in Aesthetic Dentistry:


It is one of the most aesthetic materials used in dentistry.

Thanks to its light transmittance, the texture of natural teeth is fully achieved. Although the enamel of a healthy tooth completely transmits light, the metals used under the porcelain teeth can create an opaque appearance in porcelain teeth. The problem of inanimate appearance, especially in sunny environments and in the photo flash, is solved with zirconium teeth.

Gingival compatibility is much better than classical metal-based porcelains. Gingival bruises often seen in gingival diseases or gingival recessions, do not appear in zirconium dental porcelain.

It is not allergic; it is a tissue-friendly material.

Because of their good heat insulating properties, they prevent cold and hot sensitivity in teeth.

Zirconium dental porcelains have a resistance of 900 megapascal. Thanks to these properties, they can be used very easily on the rear teeth, too. Besides being that strong, it is also so elegant and aesthetic to transmit the light. It is a high-tech material that can be used safely in both frontal and rear teeth.

Zirconium tooth porcelains do not cause metal allergy since they contain no metals.

Since zirconium teeth do not include metal, they do not create any taste changes and cause odor.

There is no plaque accumulation due to the smooth and slippery tooth porcelain surface. It is not affected by tooth discolorants such as tea and coffee. The color of the zirconium dental porcelain remains stable.

Zirconium teeth are brushed like normal teeth. If the dentist is visited regularly for periodical checks, problems that may occur in zirconium dental porcelain are determined and necessary precautions are taken.

No certain time can be given, but zirconium dental porcelain can be used for many years if regular dentist checks are performed.


How to prepare zirconium teeth:


The preparation and measurement of zirconium teeth are as same as the conventional porcelain teeth. The difference starts in laboratory procedures. Zirconium dental porcelain can be made with computer-aided devices having Cad Cam technology. In this method, the dental measurements taken from the patient’s mouth are scanned in computerized optical readers. Zirconium plates are cut and shaped by the computer by means of milling systems with zero-touch. The data obtained with the help of the camera is uploaded to the computer. Then, designs (CAD) are made and production (CAM) is started.

In this system, the base of the dental porcelain contains crystal or zirconium, thus achieving excellent aesthetic quality and naturality and shortening the preparation time.


Laminate Veeners – Leaflet Porcelains:


With laminate veeners (leaflet porcelains), a healthy and natural tooth look is achieved in a very short time. Laminate veeners are aesthetic restorations made by sticking tooth porcelain in the form of leaves to the frontal faces of the teeth which do not require complete coverage. The cases in which the laminate veeners (leaflet porcelain) can be applied to the teeth:

If there are color differences or deformations on teeth

For those who do not want orthodontic wire treatment

For those who have large fillings or broken teeth in the frontal area

For those whose frontal teeth are distant and who are not satisfied with the appearance of their frontal teeth

It can be applied to the patients who want a more aesthetic smile with gingival operation in cases where palates appear too much under the frontal teeth when they smile.

Aesthetic dentistry operations have become tailor-made applications today. Your dentist will advise the best application for you in the healthiest way.


Laminate veeners can be used without problems for many years if good oral care is performed. With laminate veeners, which are stain and abrasion resistant, biting too hard foods and bad habits such as biting the nails, should be avoided. Laminate veeners are not affected by discolorants such as tea and coffee.